Introducing Vancouver's latest Wooden Bathtubs, Sinks and Countertops

Manufactured in Germany, we offer Designer Bathtubs, Vessel Sinks and Countertops made out of 10 different species of Hardwood.  Wooden Bathtubs are beautiful to behold and combined with a Wood Sink can transform your bathroom into a relaxation centre - the natural way.
Freestanding Wood Tubs come with a Pressure regulated drain plug and are delivered directly to your home.
Enjoy something more than the ordinary with Wooden Bathtubs from MID - your Bathroom Specialists.
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02/20/2017 5:14pm

Owning a wooden bathtub is often rare and with the depletion of tree growth around the world, organic forest wood's availability is generally smaller and since the high demand for timber is up the roof, it means that trees are allowed to grow to their full size. Wood is often easily worked with and a custom wooden bathtub can take any shape or size very easily and are often way larger and deeper than other tubs. And you can custom bathtubs from a variety of natural stone materials and these are extremely heavy and they require special farming to support the weight. Get a wooden tub it will do your life some good.

05/23/2017 3:09am

I've never seen such luxurious kind of wooden bathtub before. This would look absolutely nice in our own bathroom. I'm really interested to have this kind of tub. Perhaps, you could give us specific details about where to find this awesome bathtub. I hope you could immediately respond to this. Thank you so much for sharing this one of a kind wooden bathtub. Please do continue posting such interesting articles just like this.

06/30/2017 7:25pm

Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up! Get back to nature and put to use in an unexpected spot. Wooden Tubs and Counter tops are on the "must-have" lists of many home buyers. And they are becoming an increasingly popular option in the bathroom as well. In fact, wood can be a surprisingly strong performer in a humid environment. Provided that it's safely protected and maintained, of course.

04/03/2017 7:47am

Do you think it is a good idea to use these wooden tubs? I am not sure about it.

04/10/2017 3:46am

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05/12/2017 7:49am

These wooden tubs are quite popular nowadays. But it's hard for me to understand why.

05/28/2017 1:10pm

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07/05/2017 8:17am

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